Brazilian Wax Nottingham

A feel of Brazil in Nottingham
If you live around Nottingham and its environs and you are want to visit this Brazilian wax Nottingham salon, you may want to read this review before you can go ahead and book an appointment.
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What services do they offer

This salon offers a variety of beauty services that include waxing, massages, manicures, pedicures, and body treatments. These are available for both men and women, which means your work is to browse the site, check out what you need and book an appointment. Better yet, this business offers packages that favor pregnant women, so if you are at this stage, you are not left out of the fun. More so, you can either visit the beauty parlor alone or tag your bestie along. In case you want to take a friend with you, the twin room is what you need to book.

Are the prices pocket-friendly

Considering that this is a medium to high-end spot, the prices are quite competitive. The cheapest service, which is the neck massage, will cost you at least £10. The price is subsidized, considering that the site is running a promotion. So, you can expect the prices to go higher once the promo is over. Even so, you can expect value for your money.

How do I go about booking an appointment

You can visit the Brazilian wax Nottingham website for more details. They have a toll free number, which you can use to communicate to the support team for information on securing a spot for yourself. Better yet, you can also book an appointment online, considering that they have this option.

Communication channels

In case you want to speak to one of the team members, you can either use the toll-free number provided on the site or visit their social sites. Unfortunately, there is no live chat support option, which is much faster and reliable as opposed to what they have so far.

Is this business flexible in terms of availability

Some people have busy weekdays, meaning that they only have the weekends to doll up. If you are one of these individuals, you will be happy to know that you can secure a spot on the weekends and still enjoy the same quality services as on the weekdays. You may have to book in advance, though.

What about their deals

If you are all about saving, then you may be interested in the super deals this salon offers. You have to sign up for the newsletter, so you can receive alerts when they have new offers coming up. Take note that you have to utilize the offer when it’s running; otherwise, you cannot claim it once it is over.


This is one classy place to visit if you are looking for world-class treatment within Nottingham. Be advised that you may have to spend more than you would ina regular salon, but the price is nothing compared to the services you receive. Best of all, you can be a beneficiary of a free glass of wine or subsidized prices, every once in a while